Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My New Home Has Problems, What Can I Do?

My wife and I bought a second home a few years ago in a newly developed planned community. There is a homeowner Association and the developer has an office in the complex as they continue to market their new homes. After we purchased the property we found some problems with the construction. What were we suppose to do? We contacted the Homeowner Association, but in our case they were of little help. We contacted the developer; they referred us directly to the builder. Luckily, the builder is a good guy who took responsibility for all his mistakes. But, what if he wouldn’t? What rights would we have? Would we have to sue the developer and builder, and how would we go about doing that? Should the Homeowner Association step in, and what can they do? Here is a book titled Construction Defect Litigation that speaks to the potential problems that can arise and what to do.


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