Friday, September 29, 2006

So Much For Building Your Own Ritz Carlton On A 5,000sf Lot In Edgartown

The Edgartown Wastewater Department, which has nothing to do with the Board Of Health, has mandated a change in bedroom regulations as it pertains to those houses connected, or connecting to the sewer lines. Originally we understood if you were connected to the sewer line you could have as many bedrooms as you could fit on the lot. Not anymore. The Wastewater Department has a clear definition for what constitutes a bedroom and what is not a bedroom. They go on to say existing and future lots shall be allowed 4 bedrooms for the first 10,000sf of lot area. Existing lots shall be allowed 1 additional bedroom over and above the 4 bedrooms for each additional 5,000sf of lot area, up to a maximum of 7 bedrooms per lot. As you can imagine, this is a simplification of the regulation cutting out the legalese.


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