Friday, October 27, 2006

How do you know you are from Martha’s Vineyard?

I found this parody of Jeff Foxworthy's "You know you're a Redneck" on a fun site called

You Know You're From Martha's Vineyard When...

You refer to everything besides the Vineyard as off-island.

Walking through a pond to get to a beach party is normal.

Driving on the highway is scary.

Paying 2.16 a gallon is normal for gas.

You've found out that you dated your cousin.

You know everything about everyone on the island.

You think Nantucket sucks.

You think Circuit Ave. is the place to be in the summer.

Giordano's opening means the beginning of summer.

You've been pulled over at least once driving through Vineyard Haven at night.

A tourist has asked you, "People really live here all year long?"

Up-island is so far away.

You've been pulled over by Trophey.

You've seen Bill Clinton at least once.

You've eaten at the famous Black Dog like twice in your whole life.

You refuse to drive through Vineyard Haven during the summer.

You know what Biga, Humphry's, Alley's and Dockstreet are.

You know that South Beach is for the College Kids and Tourists.

Oaks Bluff and Mihisma are not part of your vocabulary.

Off-islanaders assume you are rich yet you don't seem to know a single person who is.

You considered Oak Bluffs the ghetto of the Vineyard.

Taking a boat to get anywhere is normal to you.

You're out to dinner and Val Kilmer sits right next to you.

You know that smoking weed is just part of the island tradition.

You've been to at least 5 beach parties in the last year and 4 of them have been broken up by the cops.

You still refer to Aquinnah as Gay Head.

Your road rage is ten times as bad during June as it is in January.

You still drive through the Blinking Light forgetting the stop signs.

You've been to late night munchie stops at Cumbys because that is the only place open till midnight.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Martha's Vineyard.


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