Sunday, October 29, 2006

WiFi service technology is coming to Martha's Vineyard --- we hope.

Martha’s Vineyard has wrestled with modern convention for years, saying no to fast food chains, stop lights and an over saturation of cell phone towers that would mar the scenic Island country side.

Intermittent service and dropped calls are commonplace and a constant frustration for those of us who rely on cell phones for immediate access to clients and colleagues. Anyone going “up-Island” knows it as the communications black hole. Visitors used to the uninterrupted service they take for granted in America are particularly impatient and consider it totally unacceptable. It’s not uncommon for them to ask prior to booking a vacation rental, “Will I have good cell coverage at the house?” Some people have to maintain two cell service accounts in order to ensure more reliable communications. Well, it appears that we’re getting a little closer to a solution, and may finally be entering the WiFi communication age on Martha’s Vineyard. (Click here to read) WiFi coverage without towers.

Incidentally, there is another technology, WiMax, that will eventually enhance or displace WiFi as well as attract subscribers from cable and DSL. However, it’s currently more expensive, geared more toward commercial use and not as developed as WiFi. The main benefit of WiMax will be range. WiFi’s range is about 100 feet, whereas WiMax will blanket a radius of 30 miles with wireless access.


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