Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not all housing markets are created equal and Martha's Vineyard is one of them.

We’ve been hearing about the real estate market leveling off at the beginning of 2007, but I still think we have little further to go before we turn around.

Prior to what I believe was a media induced market decline, I was a firm supporter in the idea that Martha’s Vineyard was not a bubble market. The Vineyard is recession proof and could not be affected by what was happening in other parts of the country. Well, I was wrong (sort of) because the bubble news spread like a dirty bomb. At least for a brief period, it hit us all in one way or another, and some real estate speculators and buyers who were infected by grossly overextending themselves may not recover. However, for those who can hang in there for the long haul, you will be just fine.

Some economists are now talking about superstar places in the country, especially coastal areas where land is limited, zoning laws restrict development and the rich are drawn to for work and play. Could they be talking about Martha’s Vineyard and the Boston area?

I think this New York Times article speaks to this question and supports the notion that Martha’s Vineyard real estate is and will continue to be an excellent investment. (click here >) All Housing Markets Are Local, Except When They’re Not


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