Monday, December 12, 2005

The special Holiday Spirit of Martha's Vineyard

Today is December 7th and 64 years ago 2,300 Americans died in the blink of an eye. Have you ever been to Hawaii? To the Pearl Harbor Memorial? Don’t miss it, it will make you cry.

My wife and I were walking along the streets of downtown Edgartown the other night after appreciating an electrifying experience at a standing room only concert gifted by the Island Community Chorus at the Old Whaling Church. We were admiring the serenely tasteful saturation of twinkling lights and evergreen wreathes presenting from the stately and classic bleached white houses. What came to my mind was that I have not lived in or been to a place like this where an entire community --- an entire Island community gets together to celebrate the holidays the way people on Martha’s Vineyard do. I imagined myself hovering in space that night high above the Island watching the exodus of lights from the epicenter on Main Street as people wound their way back to their nests in all six towns of this tiny Island. If you love the Vineyard you have got to come here during the off-season but I warn you, pack your inner resources and leave your aggressions at home.

Best Holiday wishes from SplitRock Real Estate!


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